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About: Nina Schneider. 16 years young. Interested in photography. I'm still doing a lot of free lance shooting, finding out what I'm really passionate to shoot. Feedback and support is ALWAYS appreciated. It will only help me grow as a photographer.

If you're curious about my gear, I frequently use my Nikon D70S w/ AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 G-ED lens (Standard kit lens). Or I'll switch it up and use my Nikon D100 w/AF Nikkor 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 lens or Tokina AF 20-35 1:3.5-4.5.
Last call!

The due date for senior pictures at my school was today. *Phew* I’m done with those! I’ve shoot about 5 or 6 friend’s senior pics and It really taught me a lot about composition. They’re difficult. Still don’t think I’m an expert at shooting portraits, but I’ve definiately improved! In addition, my friend, Chad, promoted my blog to a few of his friends and I MIGHT (fingers crossed) shoot a wedding! This is so exciting because I absolutely LOVE wedding photography! Now that I’m done doing photo shoots for others, I can go back to some free lance stuff! Here are my last portraits! 


This photo makes me laugh for three reasons. 

1) Because it looks like one of those photos every other girl on Tumblr would take.
2) My smile is a mile wide…Some serious cheesin’ right there.  
3) New items from Forever 21 

Anyway, followers, I hope you all are doing well! For the past few days, I’ve been thinking I should take my photography to the next level and start promoting myself. (And most importantly, start making business cards) I feel like I’m prepared to take the next step because now I have a good idea of what I can shoot. What do you guys think?


More senior Pics!

I must say, this has been my best photo shoots. :) Of course, my friend and I picked to shoot the same exact day as zombie crawl (not on purpose though). 

Winter officially hit Denver today…

It’s so gorgeous outside <3 

The Magic of long-exposures.

I need to put my photos up for my 2nd IB Art Project (That’s like a week late). I didn’t really focus on composition this time as much as technique. For the inspiration of these photos, check out Man Ray’s “Space Lighting” Ah, I forgot how much I love long exposures. 

I think I like this one better. 

1st IB Art Project!

I had some free time on my hands today and didn’t decide to do my art project until 5-ish this after noon.

I need to get some sleep; a lot of things have been on my mind lately. HOPEFULLY, I can get an extension on the project and do some recomposing. Night, followers :) 

Some portraits:

Sorry guys if I haven’t been updating my blog lately! I’ve been really busy with IB and it’s demands. I’ve been WANTING to shoot but I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to do so. Today changed that; I went to go shoot my friend’s senior pictures. We didn’t have many ideas so we’re going to do retakes this Saturday…Oh, in addition, I’m working on an art project that involves my interpretation of my favorite song (The Crane Wife 3 by The Decemberists) And of course…it’s photography. I promise I’ll update the blog with the final product. 




Sorry for the the composition mess. 

Sorry for the the composition mess. 

Hey guys, I haven&#8217;t been shooting anything worth to post up on the blog, but I do like this self portrait a lot. I&#8217;m really running out of ideas or I get too discouraged to pick up my camera.  

Hey guys, 
I haven’t been shooting anything worth to post up on the blog, but I do like this self portrait a lot. I’m really running out of ideas or I get too discouraged to pick up my camera.  

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